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Disaster/Apocalypse Skills Workshop: KNITTING 101

With global infrastructure collapsing, seas rising, wages dropping, safety nets crumbling, and food prices soaring...  DISASTER SKILLS ARE A MUST.  After the apocalypse, Old Navy will be atomic rubble and H&M will be underwater, so you won't be able to plunk down $20 and get a sweater. We'll eat and wear what we grow or make ourselves.

So as a public service - and a fundraiser - Picture the Homeless is offering DISASTER SKILLS: KNITTING 101!! Expert knitter (and PTH Lead Organizer) Marie Laport will lead this training designed for the complete beginner, as well as folks whose knitting has become a little rusty.

$20 gets you yarn, needles, COFFEE, tea, and learnin'!

Saturday. December 15th, 11AM

Office of Picture the Homeless: 2427 Morris Avenue / Bronx NY / 4 or D train to Fordham Road

For more info, contact Marie Laport (646-314-6423;

Remember: having a ton of Facebook friends won't stop the zombies, Twitter won't save your family from starving, and the Kardashians won't keep you warm in the nuclear winter.