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Letter to Co-Sponsors of Intro 48

[we are asking our NYC friends and allies to reach out to their City Council representative, and encourage them to meet with Picture the Homeless so as to figure out how we can move Intro 48 forward! If you don't know who represents you, go to, click on "Find My Council Member," enter your address, and you'll get the name and contact info of your rep. If it's one of the co-sponsoring Council Members listed at the bottom of this post, then send them this letter. If it's not one of these people, click HERE for the email to Council Members who are not co-sponsors]


Dear Council Member, 

I am writing to you as a constituent, and as an ally and friend of Picture the Homeless, to thank you for your support on Intro 48, which would empower the city to conduct an annual count of vacant buildings and lots.

Empty buildings and vacant lots are a problem throughout the city. They drive down property values, increase tax burdens on everyone, and are an emblem of urban blight. These properties are also an underutilized asset: rehabilitation of buildings into affordable housing is an incredible potential boon to communities. We commend your leadership on this issue in sponsoring this bill, but we need your help to move Intro 48 forward.

Since February 11th, the bill has been stuck in the Housing Committee. We want this bill to have a hearing, and a full floor vote. I encourage you to meet with Picture the Homeless as soon as possible, to discuss how you might be able to help advance this important issue. To set up such a meeting, please contact Sam at 646- 314-6423.

All best,




Current Intro 48 Co-Sponsors: 

Melissa Mark-ViveritoGale A. BrewerMargaret S. ChinInez E. DickensJulissa FerrerasLewis A. FidlerLetitia JamesBrad S. LanderAnnabel PalmaDiana ReynaYdanis A. RodriguezJames G. Van BramerAlbert VannJumaane D. WilliamsMichael C. NelsonRosie MendezStephen T. LevinHelen D. FosterDaniel Dromm Elizabeth S. CrowleyMaria Del Carmen ArroyoKaren KoslowitzRobert JacksonJessica S. Lappin,Fernando Cabrera Daniel R. GarodnickCharles Barron