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SAY THANK YOU to the brave people who stood up to Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD!!

Doing the right thing is never easy.

And the Council Members who dared to stand up to bias-based policing and vote for the groundbreaking Community Safety Act are facing a ton of pressure from some very powerful forces.

Mayor Bloomberg has said he'll use his own personal money to influence council members who voted for the CSA bills.

In an unprecedented move, ALL the police unions have suddenly revoked their endorsements of council members who voted for the Community Safety Act. The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association is also handing out flyers in the districts of those City Council Members, spreading the same lies about the CSA to their constituents.

It is critical we express our thanks to CMs that have stood with us on NYPD reform. We hope you'll take a minute to join us in thanking these elected officials, including and especially those in competitive districts who are feeling reelection pressure. See below for a full list of the Council Members who voted for the CSA, as well as their Twitter handles. SEND THEM SOME LOVE!! We've even included some sample tweets to make life easy for you. To find out who represents you, go to this website and enter your address. And then pick up the phone and give them a call - to thank them, if they did vote for it, and if they didn't vote for it just let them know that this is important to you as a constituent and you hope they'll vote the right way when it comes before them again.

When you tweet your thanks, use the hashtag #vetoproofCSA to make the point that we want to hold on to our supermajority, guaranteeing we can override Mayor Bloomberg's inevitable veto - as long as our courageous warriors stick to their guns.

Thank you!

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