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PTH Member exposes "the Kafka-esque revolving door of the NYC shelter system"

PTH member Scott Andrew Hutchins has written a brilliant expose of his three years inside the shelter-industrial complex, in this phenomenal article on "Trapped in the Kafka-esque Revolving Door of the NYC Shelter System."


Some of the disturbing highlights:

"I am closing in on 3,000 job applications in the 35 months that I have been homeless."

NYC's Municipal ID Program: A PTH Member's Perspective

The following comments were developed by Red, a member of Picture the Homeless, and submitted to the New York City Council's Committee on Immigration on May 1st, 2015, for an Oversight Hearing on Implementation of IDNYC - New York City's Municipal Identification Program.


Picture the Homeless is looking for help overhauling our website - not so much a redesign, as an under-the-hood restructuring. If you're an awesome web designer and think you can do something with the following project goal, pitch us a plan!! We actually have some dedicated funding to support this project, so we 're looking to get the job done right.

Ask a Homeless Person: What can the tragic murder of a homeless man by an L.A. cop teach us?

Horrific video released this week captured an LA police officer shooting an unarmed homeless man to death. And unfortunately, all over this country, homeless people live in constant fear of violence and harassment from the police.

Announcing the return of our Homeless Organizing Academy's Political Education Classes!!

Dear PTH members,

We're excited to announce the return of our Homeless Organizing Academy's Political Education Classes!!

These are free for all currently and formerly homeless people, and they're intended to help people experiencing homelessness develop the skills and experience they need to become effective agents of social change. They're every Tuesday night, 5-7PM, in our office: 104 East 126th Street [storefront], New York NY 10035.

The March schedule of classes is as follows:

The NYPD just admitted that 90% of the work they do is unnecessary. Homeless people have been saying that for decades!

The "Broken Windows" theory of policing has shaped New York City since the 1990's, with police under tons of pressure to make arrests and issue summonses for nonviolent offenses that aren't even against the law - anything to get poor people and people of color out of public view, and make the city safe for business and real estate to jack up the rents and make middle- and upper-class N

Homeless Lives Matter: Come to our Annual Homeless Memorial Service!

Jerome Murdough just wanted somewhere warm to sleep. The homeless vet was arrested by cops for sleeping on the steps of a public housing development, and instead of ticketing him they put him through the system, where he died - 'baked to death,' in the words of a Rikers employee, in his cell.

WHY ARE WE PROTESTING THE MANHATTAN INSTITUTE? - Perspectives from Homeless Activists



"I'm protesting because I'm a person of color, and I don't appreciate the way people behind the scenes get to pick and choose when and how I have rights" - Darlene Bryant, Picture the Homeless

Who pulls the strings of racist policing? Protest the far-right pro-police Manhattan Institute!

The Manhattan Institute is a right-wing think tank that’s spent years advocating for the “broken windows” theory of policing—cracking down on minor offenses like selling loose cigarettes on the theory that doing so can preempt serious crime… except that in practice, that’s meant cracking down on low-income people and communities of color. 81% of people hit with “broken windows” summonses between 2001 & 2013 were African-American or Latino.

An Open Statement: from GKM


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