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Who pulls the strings of racist policing? Protest the far-right pro-police Manhattan Institute!

The Manhattan Institute is a right-wing think tank that’s spent years advocating for the “broken windows” theory of policing—cracking down on minor offenses like selling loose cigarettes on the theory that doing so can preempt serious crime… except that in practice, that’s meant cracking down on low-income people and communities of color. 81% of people hit with “broken windows” summonses between 2001 & 2013 were African-American or Latino.

An Open Statement: from GKM


Ask a Homeless Person: What if the Grand Jury Doesn't Indict the Officers in the Eric Garner Case?

Homeless New Yorkers were outraged by the murder of Eric Garner by a New York City police officer with a choke hold (forbidden by the NYPD's own internal regulations) for selling loose cigarettes. 

On September 29th, the case went to a Grand Jury, to determine whether there will be criminal charges against the officers. And even though it was captured on video, we know from bitter experience that racist cops don't always get held accountable for murdering people of color.

"PTH has come to carry the mantle" - an interview with Javier Valdes of Make the Road New York

A propos of our Fifteenth Anniversary Party, this Thursday October 23rd at 6PM, we interviewed one of our Movement BFFs: Javier Valdes, co-executive director of Make the Road New York, about who we are and why people should support us....

Celebrating 15 Years of Picture the Homeless!


Why will homeless New Yorkers be part of the People's Climate March on September 21st?

"Homeless people feel the brunt of bad weather first. Natural disasters hit the homeless hardest." - Jeff Korn

"Homeless people are affected because health problems affect homeless people at greater rates. Also, because sheltered homeless do not control their residency, they can be moved to flood area when they had not been previously, for example, a move from the heights of the Bronx to the Lower East Side, which had flooding and power issues after Sandy that did not impact many parts of the city." - Scott Hutchins

15th Anniversary Gala: Tickets and Ad Prices


MEDIA ADVISORY: Homeless Rally at Pan Am Hotel Against Hate, and For Housing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Homeless People Rally at Pan Am Hotel To Demand "Housing, Not Shelters!"

Ally communities stand in solidarity with shelter residents targeted by hate speech

Victory Against Shelter Expulsions

Yesterday, we helped break the news that shelter residents in the Bronx were being given "24 hours and two plastic bags" to pack up their entire lives and await transfer to an undisclosed location. At least one resident wasn't even able to get the plastic bags! 

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