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Homeless Shelter Raids: One Woman's Experience

PTH member Arvernetta Henry has lived through numerous pre-dawn NYPD raids in her time in the shelter system. Here are her perspectives on this unconstitutional and inhuman police behavior...
Just as I nestle deep into my comfortable sleep I am awakened by thunderous voices, yelling GET UP! GET DRESSED! GET YOUR I.D.! YOU GOT OUTSTANDING WARRANTS? People get up struggling to comply out of fear or guilt, meanwhile I lay trembling and wonder if they get a kick out of rousing the others in the wee morning hours!

Wed. June 18th: Direct Action to Stop Unconstitutional Shelter Raids!

In May, police from the 24th Precinct raided a homeless shelter on the Upper West Side at 4AM, running residents for warrants and arresting 22 people - but in all the press coverage, there is no indication of a shred of probable cause!

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Summer Organizing Internships!



PTH is HIRING! Seeking an Unstoppable Lead Organizer

Picture the Homeless is looking to hire a Lead Organizer! We've made some incredible progress in the past few years, but we really need to step up our game. And we need an experienced organizer to get us there. If that's you - or someone you know - read on...

Job description

The Lead Organizer's responsibilities will include:

Mayor de Blasio's Housing Plan Contains Major Victories for Homeless Organizing!!

Yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio released his administration's comprehensive "Housing New York: A Five Borough, Ten-Year Plan."

One of the central pieces, included in the executive summary, happens to be a key demand of Picture the Homeless's housing campaign: "We will perform a comprehensive survey of all vacant sites in the City."

Why We Went to Albany!

by Jean Rice - Member, Picture the Homeless Board of Directors.


Talking Trusts: East Harlem Residents Forum on Community Land Trusts

Last week, dozens of East Harlem tenants and residents and shareholders gathered at Taino Towers to figure out how they were going to save their homes - and their community.

They came together to see if community land trusts might be the solution.

Department of Justice: Investigate Ramarley Graham's Murder by the NYPD

This morning, homeless folks joined allies in the movement for police reform at New York City's Federal Courthouse, as well as state and city elected officials & advocates, calling on the Department of Justice to fully investigate and bring charges

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