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Two personal reflections on our work in Hungary last month

 BRANDON: Budapest, Hungary -- How do I summarize? Well, it seems to me that poverty looks about the same just about any place in the world that you go. Whether it’s from the result of the collapse of a socialist state, or the free market ideology present within our current global economy, conditions of the have-nots are quite similar.

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Tuesday, September 8 event -- a reportback on PTH's trip to Hungary

from the Bronx to Budapest reportback on PTH's trip to Hungary... homeless organizing across borders Tuesday, September 8 at  7pm Segal Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street  [BDFV & NQRW trains to 34th St, 6 train to 33rd] "">* Facebook event page *info/contact email: tej at picturethehomeless dot org

"A Positive Cost Effective Method of Community Policing"

A Positive Cost Effective Method of Community Policing By Jean Rice  Civil Rights Committee Leader at Picture The Homeless <img height="401" width="600" alt="" src="" 

Wednesday (August 26) * report-back event on Tent City in Harlem

Picture the Homeless  invites you to a Community Report Back on the El Barrio Tent City/ Wednesday, August 26; 6pm to 8pm in the sanctuary at St.

PTH in Hungary --- Part 10 ... the last day in Budapest: soul music & goodbyes

 ROB; [August 16]:

A trip to Sajókaza village, a visit with the Roma/Gypsy community

BRANDON  [August 15]: We spent time in a Gypsy village two and a half hours outside of Budapest.  I actually wish we could have spent more time with the people here. We were introduced to a school that's working to educate Gypsy teens.&nbsp; It seems like it's understaffed and underfunded, like many programs in the U.S. that do good work in marginalized communities.

Inspiring leaders from Hungary's homeless

LYNN [August 14]: Picture the Homeless came to Budapest primarily to offer as much support as possible to homeless folks and their allies, as they work to strengthen skills in grassroots organizing.

Let's Talk Politics in Hungarian

 one of the highest-circulation newspapers in Hungary, has done a couple stories on Picture the Homeless's visit to Budapest, on <a href="">August 1</a>&nbsp; &amp;&nbsp; <a href="">August 6</a>.&lt

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