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Rolling Stone says Community Land Trusts are the way to go!!!

The moment for community land trusts must truly be upon us, if Rolling Stone magazine is talking about them! 

What does the new mayor need to know about policing?

Perspectives from PTH Civil Rights members, answering the question "What does the new mayor need to know about policing?"
The mayor needs to realize the people of today in our city we are not lying low and allow NYPD to use abuse tactics and get away with them. His NYPD will be accountable for their acts of brutality and I hope we are able to get legislation that will state every time the NYPD are sued it come out their salary.

Bratton's Back - But So Are We!!

An Open Letter from PTH Board Member and Civil Rights Campaign Leader Jean Rice

Reporting Back from the October 22nd Coalition’s Anti-Bratton Demonstration and March


On the evening of December 27th, 2013 my sister, Ms. Kendall Jackman, my brother Andres Perez and I left our P.T.H. office to join members of the October 22nd coalition so that we could voice our concerns about the recent appointment of William Bratton as the next Commissioner of the Police Department of New York City.

Community Land Trust Fighting to Save the Country's Oldest Black Bookstore!!

We've been talking a lot about how community land trusts can create housing for all New Yorkers, including homeless folks, and stop displacement and gentrification and promote sustainable community development. Our communities are under attack, and the CLT model is one important way to fight back and hold on to the things that make our neighborhoods great.

Passing the Torch: Homeless Memorial Day 2013

This year, our members have chosen the theme "Passing the Torch" for our annual Homeless Memorial Service.

Concerns regarding the Appointment of William Bratton as Commissioner of Our New York Police Department

“The face of homelessness in New York was one of incredible fear of the violence and disorder of that population." – William Bratton

“We are going to flush them off the street…” – William Bratton



Concerns regarding the William Bratton Appointment as Commissioner of Our New York City Police Department

By Jean Rice

Board Member of Picture the Homeless

Remarks on Pope Francis's Evangelii Gaudium

Thoughts from PTH Housing Campaign Leader & Board Member William S. Burnett, on the Pope's


Just before Thanksgiving, I had pulled my favorite quotes on economic justice from Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium; and had intended to post those quotes in the blog, along with some quick thoughts. Over the holiday weekend, everyone else beat me to it. Seems I’m not the only one who got excited.

PTH Member Statement of Solidarity in Support of C.U.N.Y. Students

November 15th, 2013


Even Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano would be able to see that as the demographics of our City University have changed, the thought of a student “rainbow coalition” has the New York City status quo shaking in their collective boots.

There are monuments to American slave-owners all over our city – yet our students are admonished not to choose their own sheroes and heroes. – Why?

The right to peacefully assemble and the right to dissent are being challenged.

SAVE THE DATE: Homeless Memorial Service, December 20th 2013

December 21st is the longest night of the year.

And it's on this night, when the cold and the darkness seem most overwhelming, that communities across the United States come together to honor the lives of homeless men and women who passed away this year, and to draw attention to the fact that many homeless lives are cut short because we, as a society, can't find a way to end homelessness.

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