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Another cop gets away with killing a kid. "We're here to demand the restoration of constitutional rights for people of color!"

This week, a Bronx grand jury decided that NYPD officer Richard Haste won't be charged with manslaughter in the February 2012 shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Ramarley Graham.

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama, as he considers NYPD Chief Ray Kelly to be head of the Department of Homeland Security

To: The Most Honorable Barack Obama_The President of These United States of America:
Honorable Sir,

Responding to Mayor Bloomberg's Veto of the Community Safety Act

Once again this chief executive of our great city has seen fit to oppose the will of the people. Just as he ignored the two occasions in which the citizens of our city had refused to extend term limits. The irony of the current situation is that some people seeking to be our cities next chief "public administrator" were involved with Mr. Bloomberg's extended term_ my bible says "woe to the hypocrite".

Picture the Homeless Paints a Mural!!

Together with our dearly beloved partners in People's Justice, and artist Sophia Dawson, members and staff of Picture the Homeless gathered in Harlem on to paint a powerful, beautiful "Know Your Rights"-themed mural.

See below for pictures taken by Civil Rights Organizer  Shaun Lin. The mural is located at 138th and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, in Harlem

"It was a great day," said PTH board member Andres Perez, who brought his young son to help paint.

Homeless People Need Your Books!

Dear Friends,

Picture the Homeless is currently seeking book donations for a revolutionary new resource: a reference library conceptualized, curated, and run by homeless New Yorkers, where people experiencing homelessness can educate themselves about subjects as diverse as job readiness, history, computers, social justice, current events, and so much more. 

EMERGENCY CALL, 1PM: Bloomberg Vetoed NYPD Reform; Make Some Noise with Us at City Hall

Sorry for the last-minute notice, but sometimes history happens fast.

Join PTH and the National Action Network to demand JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON

Calling all members and friends of Picture the Homeless!

SAY THANK YOU to the brave people who stood up to Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD!!

Doing the right thing is never easy.

And the Council Members who dared to stand up to bias-based policing and vote for the groundbreaking Community Safety Act are facing a ton of pressure from some very powerful forces.

Mayor Bloomberg has said he'll use his own personal money to influence council members who voted for the CSA bills.

What can we do to make sure Trayvon Martin didn't die in vain? - Perspectives from Homeless New Yorkers

Like so many of us, homeless people were shocked and outraged by the news that George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Yesterday, we shared "Murder Under Color of Law: Legal Lynching in the New Jim Crow" by PTH elder stateman and homeless legal scholar Jean Rice.

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