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Executive Director
+ Lynn Lewis

Communications & Policy
+ Sam J. Miller

Homeless Organizing Academy Coordinator
+ Marie LaPort

Office Manager
+ Hilda Marshall

Civil Rights Organizer
+ Shaun Lin

Housing Organizer
+ Ryan Hickey

HOA Instructors
+ Rogers
+ Imani Henry
+ Not4Prophet

Picture the Homeless
104 East 126th Street #1B [Storefront]
New York NY 10035
Phone:(646) 314-6423

Here's how to learn more about who we are and what we do.

If you're homeless, call us at 646-314-6423. If you want to speak about something related to the police and your civil rights, ask for Shaun. If you want to talk about housing, ask for Adrian. If you want to talk about our free job trainings and other classes, ask for Veronica. Or come by our office, any time, Monday thru Friday, 10AM to 7PM (though we often open earlier and close later) - we've got a pretty great computer lab that's open to all homeless people, and plenty of strong coffee, and a great bunch of people who are about making some real change happen. Check us out below - don't you want to be part of this beautiful positive family?

If you work with a school or organization or house of worship, and you'd like a speaker from Picture the Homeless to make a presentation for your community, call 646-314-6423 and ask for Marie.

If you're a journalist, and you want to speak with the REAL experts on homelessness and housing and unconstitutional police practices, contact Sam J. Miller (646-314-6423 - sam@picturethehomeless.org) and he'll connect you with the best people.

If you want to support our work financially, click here.

If you want to volunteer your time and skills and expertise, drop a line to Sam.

Any questions or requests concerning our Homeless Organizing Academy can be referred to Marie Laport (646-314-6423; marie@picturethehomeless.org).

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