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Below: Die-In, Rise Up! PTH Leads Bronx Protest of NYPD!

Below: Fight the Puppeteers, not the Puppets! Homeless people protest the far-right racist Manhattan Institute, architects of the "Broken Windows theory of policing that's guided decades of bias-based abusive NYPD policing... followed by a march to Penn Station for a #BlackLivesMatter die-in!

Below: PTH's Fifteenth Anniversary Gala! Members, friends, and allies joined us to celebrate FIFTEEN YEARS OF HOMELESS REVOLUTION!

Below: Shelter Abandons Homeless Folks, Homeless Folks Fight Back! PTH supports shelter residents given 24 hours and 2 garbage bags to clear out of the shelter where they've lived for years.. and we won!

Below: PTH Hosts NYC Community Land Trust Summit, April 2013

Below: PTH Co-Hosts Mayoral Forum, May 2013


Below: Picture the Homeless Joins Father's Day
"Silent March to Stop "Stop and Frisk"" - June, 2012

Below: Picture the Homeless Wins the Frederick Douglass Award
from the North Star Fund - May 8, 2012

Below: Picture the Homeless Members Attend Anti-Stop & Frisk
Press Conference at City Hall - February 29, 2012

Below: Picture the Homeless Members Attend NYC Council
Housing Commitee Meeting - February 28, 2012

Below: Picture the Homeless Members Attend Communities United
for Police Reform’s (CPR) Kick-Off Event - February 26, 2012

Below: Picture the Homeless Members Deliver an Invoice
to City Council Member Erik Dilan - February 11, 2012

Below: Picture the Homeless Leaders at the December 6, 2011
National Day of Housing Action in East New York, Brooklyn

Below: Rev. Billy, the Stop Shopping Choir & Picture the Homeless
Occupy Bank of America - Friday, November 25, 2011

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