“They say gentrify, we say beautify” – Homeless People are Beautifying the Neighborhood

This afternoon, members of Picture the Homeless joined with community partners like the New Harlem East Merchants Association to plant flowers on 125th Street as part of a neighborhood beautification project. The full set of photos is here!!

“I’m here because Picture the Homeless doesn’t just talk about improving our communities, we actually do something about it,” said Stanley Stevenson.

Just yesterday, on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly aired a despicable segment trying to depict homeless New Yorkers as deranged filthy lunatics – but on 125th Street, people saw a very different reality of homelessness.

“One day I’ll be back here, and I care about my neighborhood,” said PTH member Arvernetta Henry. “This is the kind of thing that keeps a community together.”

“PTH breaks stereotypes,” said Jean Rice, a Harlem resident for sixty years. “We are part of this community. They say gentrify we say beautify.”

“Once you’ve been homeless, when you’ve lost everything, you know something as simple as a flower can brighten your day,” said Jeff Korns.