Why Did We Protest the Manhattan Institute? Perspectives from Homeless Activists



IMG_0037b“I’m protesting because I’m a person of color, and I don’t appreciate the way people behind the scenes get to pick and choose when and how I have rights” – Darlene Bryant, Picture the Homeless

“Broken windows policing condones the murder of young Ramarley Graham for a bag of weed found in his toilet. This broken windows ideology says it is permissible to murder Eric Garner because he allegedly sold loose cigarettes. Picture the Homeless comes here today in the spirit of Supreme Court Justice Harlan, who wrote in his dissenting opinion in Plessy v Ferguson “Our constitution is colorblind.” We are here today to tell the Manhattan Institute that we New Yorkers of good will who truly believe in  our cherished American credo will not be thrown back into the Dred Scott era.” –Jean Rice, Picture the Homeless

“Broken windows policing, this horrible practice that’s been killing people, started right here. It’s an opportunity for the NYPD to stop and harass and ticket and arrest us, which messes up our lives before we can even have a chance in society. It’s a form of intimidation and population control. We’re going after the Manhattan Institute because we believe in educating the public, and we need to bring recognition that ‘broken windows’ policing is killing people, and it started here at the Manhattan Institute, and it must stop.” – Marcus Moore, Picture the Homeless

“Giuliani, Bloomberg, de Blasio all take their orders from behind-the-scenes think tanks like the closet racist Manhattan Institute, which remains the same no matter who’s in office. If we don’t go to the root of the problem, our grandkids will still be here protesting against Police Commissioners and Mayors. I’m 75 years old and I don’t want to spend the rest of my activist days chasing puppets while puppeteers like the Manhattan Institute keep calling shots that are undemocratic and contrary to the common good.”–Jean Rice, Picture the Homeless